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Epobond EPOXY Metal is two components adhesive with excellent bonding strength. It is widely used in industries, workshop, household and Do-it-yourself applications is excellent for bonding surfaces exposed to extreme conditions like heat, cold, heavy Loads, chemicals, seawater etc. It bonds metal, ceramic, most plastics, marble, granite, rigid PVC, glass, rubber, wood etc. lt is not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylane, Teflon, and silicone rubber.


  • Make sure the surface to be repaired is clean, dry and free of oil, grease, dust and loose particles. To obtain better results, surface should be roughened with sand paper. Push from syringe amount of resin and hardener required and mix thoroughly till color is uniform. Apply mixture to both surfaces and press together by using clamps, tape, thread or weight. Remove excess glue. It sets initially in four to five hours and final strength is achieved after twenty four hours.


  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes If swallowed call physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children.