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Epobond Acrylic Adhesive, it consists of two compounds as strong as iron. And sets within 4 minutes - used indoors and outdoors. It is used with high efficiency in adhesion - repair - filling voids - preventing leakage. Can be punctured, sanded. It is widely used in: Factory - home - car in repairing holes for pipes and tanks - welding of engine blocks - radiator welding - sanitary ware - household tools - Air conditioners.....etc.


  • 1- The surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry and free from dust, oil and grease. For best results, it is recommended to sand the surface before sticking.
  • 2- Mix two equal quantities from each tube well until the color is homogeneous. Use the mixture within 4 minutes
  • 3- Put the mixture on the surface to be plastered, when you stick two surfaces together, keep pressing during the gluing process.
  • The mixture takes its final hardness after about an hour